Creativity and the Independent Woman

Kilgore Falls Full 8Last night I was washing dishes and the next thing I knew, I was standing in a puddle. Water was pouring out under the sink as if a waterfall had magically manifested in the cabinet.

I wiped up the water, emptied the cabinet, and climbed under the sink to figure out what plumbing disaster awaited me. I was relieved to find that it appeared a plastic fitting had cracked, which seemed like an easy fix. I removed the fitting and headed to the hardware store to match it with a replacement.

I returned home with my $2.33 replacement and wiggled under the sink to install it. But, as every person who has ever had an “easy” fix knows, it’s never as easy as it looks.

I put the fitting on the pipe and just as I was starting to screw it on, the garbage disposal fell out.

I am, in no way, a plumber. And while replacing a cracked fitting would have been easy, hooking the garbage disposal back up was not. It’s not that it’s something particularly difficult to do, but the disposal is heavy and I needed one hand to hold the disposal and two to screw it back into place.

Guess you can see my problem. I was lacking one necessary hand.

That’s where being an independent, creative woman comes in. I’ve spent too many years as a single homeowner when so many repairs or projects need more than two hands. It makes you have to be creative and figure out new ways to manage things on your own.

In the case of the garbage disposal, this was remedied with the scissor jack from my car, which acted as a third hand, holding the disposal so I could lock it into place with the necessary two hands.

After that, replacing the cracked fitting was easy. I’m not saying that I didn’t channel my father and his creative use of profanity during the execution of this home repair, or that I didn’t scare the cats with my expletives, but I am saying that I fixed it all by myself. And creativity helped me do it!

Just sayin’… Problem solving has its roots in creativity and the creative among us find a way.


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