Stress Hacks Book with FREE Coloring Book Launches Today!

No, you may not punch your coworker in the head-fire demonPick Up Your Copy of Stress Hacks Now!

Get it HERE!


Have you ever found yourself on the precipice of a long-wished-for dream? Did you take a deep breath and step off the cliff, hoping for the best?

I feel like that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve wanted to write a book for so long, but I let life and other people’s expectations get in my way. I’m so excited to share my book launch with you.

Stress Hacks BookHonestly, I never thought the first book I published would be nonfiction. I’m most definitely a fiction writer at heart, but as I said in my previous post, Stress Hacks: 166 Tips and Tricks to Free Yourself from Stress and Sleeplessness and Reclaim a Relaxed Life needed to be written.

So please (I don’t usually beg, but I’m not above it for something this important), please pick up a copy, buy one for a friend, and don’t forget to stop by my website to pick up your FREE coloring book for adults.



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