“You know nothing Jon Snow…”

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So These Are Happening… Both of these books will be available on November 30!

And the coloring book will be FREE to anyone who signs up on my website (still under construction, but will be ready by launch day).

I’ve chronicled the path toward writing my first novel in previous posts. That novel, tentatively titled The Bitterness of Growing Things is still in revisions. I hope to publish it sometime in spring 2016 if all goes well.

What I didn’t tell you was that I signed up to participate in a Self-Publishing School so I could learn more about the self-publishing process. Like an echo of Game of Thrones, “You know nothing Michelle Whitney,” kept ringing in my ears every time I tried to learn something about publishing my own work. It was a good investment, I learned a lot, and it got me to the point I’m at now–on the verge of launching my first book.

I’d like to be traditionally published in the future, but self-publishing seemed to be the way to get myself out there, build a brand, and help some folks in the process.

When I first enrolled in the program, I decided to take a break from editing my novel (it was still too new and raw to tear to pieces during the editing process, which it definitely needed) to get a bit of perspective on it, and write a piece of nonfiction.

I’d never really considered writing nonfiction, but once I started mind-mapping ideas, they wouldn’t stop coming. I originally wanted to write about creativity–see the title of my blog, lol–but when I sat down to plan, this book about stress tumbled out.

I realized that I needed to write this book as much to heal myself as to help others who might be struggling through the same swampy morass I struggled through. I’ve survived several toxic work environments, but one left me with a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I hope none of you have to deal with anything like that in your lifetime, but I wanted to lay out practical tips and tricks (served up with a bit of humor) that helped me survive stress-induced sleeplessness, sociopathic bosses and coworkers, and some definitely toxic workplaces.

I’m always amazed that I came out the other side of that with my self-esteem and creativity intact, if a bit bruised. Some individuals will do everything they can to shatter what makes you unique in order to build up themselves. You owe it to yourself and the rest of the world to hold tight to who you are.

Talking helps us heal, and for some of us, writing does too. And don’t forget the laughter, for I dearly love to laugh. Let’s all do our best to laugh our way out of stress, and I hope my book, Stress Hacks: 166 Tips and Tricks to Free Yourself from Stress and Sleeplessness and Reclaim a Relaxed Life, will guide you on your way.

I’ll post more details about the book when it comes online at Amazon for preorder in the next day or two. And I’ll link to the website page where you can sign up to receive your free downloadable coloring book.


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