Throwback Thursday-Frozen in Time (A Family Snapshot)

Lorraine,Lou,andMichelle San Francisco 77

I thought I’d change gears a bit here and show a bit of my family history.  Say hello to my mother, father, and me in San Francisco, California in 1977.  (I’m the cute one in the middle.)  I have to give my Granny props for this picture as she was the photographer.  Granny died about 15 years ago and my father died in 2013.  My mother is still around and mothering, thank goodness.  It was unexpectedly cold in San Francisco that summer day in case you can’t tell.  My father didn’t bring a coat with him when he flew out to meet us.  Later, when we were standing near the shore overlooking Alcatraz, he wore one of my baby blankets around his shoulders.  Here was this big burly guy wearing a pink and blue crocheted blanket around his shoulders.  That was one of the great images burned in my brain during my childhood.  Nearly 20 years later, that same blanket was wrapped around a much-loved dog when we had to lay her to rest.  The things you remember…


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